ME/CFS Awareness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Supporting ME/CFS Sufferers

I have met a lot of new friends since joining the Chronic Illness Bloggers community. Despite our pain or illness, we blog and we try to support each other. As well as writing being therapeutic for us, many of us blog to try to help other people with the same condition and also to try …

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Supporting People on Rare Disease Day

It can take a lot of courage to discuss health issues with friends and family, but sometimes people put their own health in the public spotlight to help others. Sharing Matters When someone has a rare disease, there is often very little information and support, therefore, what these people do really matters so much to …

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Why We Need to Support Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day (28th of February) was first set up in 2008, with awareness events taking place in just eighteen countries. Last year, 90 countries took part.There are well over 6000 rare diseases in existence. Some are difficult to diagnose and most are difficult to treat or, in some cases, untreatable. Without awareness, there is …

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