There is more to chronic pain than just pain

There is More to Chronic Pain Than Just Pain

Most people understand pain. Whether it's from an occasional headache, a broken leg or a stubbed toe, most people understand what pain feels like. But chronic pain? Not everyone will understand what that is like. When does pain become chronic? Chronic pain is defined by NHS Inform as pain that carries on for longer than …

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Failing, succeeding, pausing, deciding, thriving. A Chronic Voice Linkup

Feeling Like A Failure Was One of My Failings

If someone is well off, has a fancy car and a five bedroomed house in a nice area, they're considered successful. If they have fulfilled their hopes and dreams, they're considered successful. Qualifications, careers, acquired wealth, sporting victories and acting awards can all measure a person's success. But when people live with chronic pain or …

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Guilt often accompanies chronic pain/illnes. Ditch the guilt.

Chronic Pain – How Can We Overcome the Burden of Guilt?

We struggle with pain. We struggle with the stress of living with pain. And sometimes, we struggle with all-consuming guilt, which can ultimately affect both our mental and physical health. Sometimes our guilt makes us believe we are a burden to our families. And very often there is only one person who is pointing the finger and making us feel guilty - ourselves.